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Sign of the times: “armored” Rolls-Royce January 16, 2008

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Wherever money rapidly accumulates, life becomes dangerous. If you are neither a Middle Eastern head of state, a Fortune 500 CEO, a gangster, nor a rap artist, you likely don’t know that a VR7 rating means that your car will withstand an AK47 assault from a distance of 3 meters, as well as grenades and certain landmines. A mere VR4 is sufficient to frustrate Clint Eastwood and his .44 magnum.

While presidential candidates tried to adapt to the indisposition of the U.S. auto industry at the Detroit auto show this week, one attendee, Rolls-Royce CEO Ian Robertson, let it be known that his firm had delivered six new armor-plated Phantoms to Middle Eastern customers. He also expects the car to sell well in China and Russia, too.

In case you are contemplating buying one or two of these Phantoms, you’ll want to know that the “street” model gets 11 mpg City, 18 Highway, and uses high-test. That is not an issue for its customers, however, because they can pump their own.

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