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Common Wealth: Economics for a crowded planet March 18, 2008

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Jeffrey Sachs, who arguably has influenced NGO activity more than anyone else on earth, has a brand new book, whose title appears above. Sachs is on a roll: anything he publishes could safely be predicted to have great influence on how the world resolves its most  pressing problems. Described as being both “grim” and “optimistic,” Common Wealth tackles more than poverty, Sachs’s prior subject.

Library Journal, which publishes objective reviews, says Sachs “identifies and offers strategies for dealing with the leading global threats of the coming decades, such as environmental degradation, overpopulation, and resource depletion, arguing persuasively that much of the threat to humanity comes from those living in extreme poverty. He calls for wealthy nations to invest in efforts to improve the conditions of the extremely poor and thereby lessen the impact of extreme poverty on the planet. He explains in detail the goals that need to be met and how governments, not-for-profits, the private sector, and even individuals, can cooperate to achieve them.”



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