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Easy Money May 8, 2008

Posted by davidzweig in Uncategorized.

Listening to talk radio, it’s tough not to be struck by the fact that almost all the advertisements deal with different permutations of economic misery. Direct marketers are no fools; they may be the sharpest advertisers in the world, so when they say to “call now” for debt consolidation, to liquidate that “unwanted insurance policy,” or scare up a tort for some past real or imagined workplace injury, you know times are tough.

The latest one is particularly sad. Some old coot has lost almost all his retirement and now has bills due. Great news! He can call Ross Jardine, put his last few dollars in play and why, in just a few days “make more money than my retirement counselor made in the last 10 years!”

Of course there is another outcome, but we don’t go into that. It’s sad.

On another radio matter, California has a referendum, #98 this year, that has two parts. The radio ad has the best pathetic senior citizen voice I have ever heard, talking about how this proposition will prevent government from coming in and taking over her property (eminent domain). Who could argue with that?

She doesn’t mention the other piece of Prop 98 the selfsame proposition that ends rent control…enabling a landlord to come in and take over….

How about having the same heart-rending senior talk about the eviction notice after living in the same apartment for 60 years, paying $75 rent, and now having to live in an Amana crate?

The issue is not whether rent control or eminent domain is good or bad, but the utter deceptiveness practiced by all sides of these propositions. There out to be a low.



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